About QimBiz | AERO

Organizational Structure

Our firm is organized as a corporation which is privately held, owned and managed by the Founding Principles.

This gives us unlimited flexibility to select projects that are compatible with the extensive expertise we have developed through decades of experience in the aviation industry.


Founding Principles

QimBiz | AERO’s principles are the foundation for our success and are practiced every day in running our current business and creating our future strategy.

  • We place our client’s interest before our own.
  • It’s the management’s task to see that our employees and partners take responsibility and pride in their work and to form a unified team to offer the most outstanding service to our customers and to present our goals as one.
  • We deploy our resources to best fit the needs of our customers, depending on their specific requirements and completion schedules.
  • Transparency and consistency are really fundamental.


Financial Standing

Since our firm is privately held, we have no public stockholders and we are not required by our government to report or disclose any financial information. This allows us to focus on your project performance and results without the burden of complying with all of the rules that regulates public companies worldwide.

As a result, we are able to exercise optimal control of our financial resources and deliver a superior product at an attractive price to our customers.


Litigation History

Our firm has never been involved in litigation with any person, organization, company, or other entity. In addition, we have never been black-listed or placed on a “do not contract” list by any government or entity.

We subscribe to the highest standards of business ethics and decorum, and will ensure our full compliance with the laws, regulations, and procedures of the host country.

Corruption or other business practices which goes beyond good and healthy dealings will not be accepted by any of our staff, management and partners.